S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                     Escaping Poverty





What is the role of the Schools for Youth Foundation?

 Our goal
The Schools for Youth Foundation (SfY) works in post conflict areas struggling to recover from recent war. SfY supports local education initiatives for children and young people living in crippling poverty.


What does SfY do?

  • Provide a basic vocational education undertaken by local individuals and organizations.
  • Support children and young people who cannot afford to attend school to receive vocational education in a practical trade.
  • Support local communities and stimulate them to support further education for desperately poor youth.
  • Contact individual and institutional donors to support the work of SfY.


Education is vital  
Schools for Youth asserts the view that education is an absolute necessary condition to escape poverty. The community plays a vital role in assisting and supporting youth to gain a basic education and the basics of a practical trade to earn income.

Only local initiatives are sustainable
Schools for Youth stimulates and cooperates with communities and schools but does not take over a project.