S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                     Escaping Poverty

Our Vision


Basic education is key

Schools for Youth believes that at the end of the day only vocational education that helps to generate an income can help to escape poverty.  
Community involvement plays a crucial role. Advice and information about aids, drug addiction, teen motherhood. Our approach reaches into the roots of the community. Communities can become stronger and better take care of their children if they are better equipped to provide advice and information and guidance and training.


Surviving poverty

A destructive war, often lasting many years, tears apart communities and families. Fleeing from violence, living as a refugee for extended periods in uncertainty, fear and shame lead directly to disruption of social structures. At an individual level, there often are drug problems, health issues, such as HIV and compounding fear and uncertainty. This often leads to violence in families with disastrous consequences for children. They perform worse at school, or do not go to school at all. They often get involved in small street crime, become drug-addicted, become involved in illicit activities that often result in arrests, become teenage mothers and quickly develop a life pattern offering little hope. Eventually, these adverse behaviors result in deep poverty forcing these children to continuously fight to survive.