S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                     Escaping Poverty

Initiative to start a large-scale education and Public Health program




In February 2018, Schools for Youth reached agreement with the government authorities in Lira, Uganda to start and carry-out a large-scale education program on mental health in North-Uganda (Lango Region). Now, a group of cooperating NGO's took over.

Schools for Youth will serve as project advisor and will identify and sign-up other partners to carry out the project. The objective is to implement a project where education and counseling are provided on the issues of domestic violence, psychological trauma, depression, psychosis, HIV and alcoholism in small communities. The expected result, includes children who are not abused, abandoned, or traumatized,  reducing anxiety and stress so they can learn more effectively in school.

This is an example of the serious responsibility Schools for Youth undertakes to secure the wellbeing of youth and their communities by providing better educational opportunities to equip them to escape poverty.