S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                    Escaping Poverty -  Help je mee?

John Fisher Youth Initiative Foundation in Lira, Uganda


This project consists of three subprojects:

  • Support and expand the school community, starting with the John Fisher Teaching Institute for vocational training. Help build John Fisher schools 
  • Re-establish the Nursery and Primary School on a new location so that better expansion is possible. Help build John Fisher schools  
  • Adopt children who cannot go to school as a result of poverty. We prefer to start with young people who are not able to undertake vocational training because of this. Adopt a student  



Vocational training

SFY supports participating entrepreneurs with funding for investments in order to strengthen their businesses. SFY will not act as a bank or a lender. For issuing and management of micro credits SFY has established cooperation with the local <<name bank>>. The <<name bank>> will grant a micro credit to the entrepreneur and take care for the loans management. For the project SFY has agreed a discount on the interest rates on micro credits with the bank. SFY will pay the interest for the (micro) credit on behalf of the entrepreneur. In return for the interest, the entrepreneur supports the initiative by offering students a practical vocational training and additional classes at the John Fisher School adding up to the total sum of the interest. This structure offers the entrepreneur an attractive alternative for the current way of dealing with new employees. In the current way of working the entrepreneur requires a payment from the vocational student of on average 150 Euro. However, 50- 75% of the students quit the course without paying, leaving the entrepreneur with the effort taken and costs made. The alternative offered to entrepreneurs is explained in the following example: